Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Been Awhile...Sorry!!

I have been negligent in my blogging and I apologize. I guess I did not realize so many people actually even looked at it until I was asked to post. I have had good reasons for not posting but I will not bore you with them.

Our little "Olympic team" has dwindled quit a bit since my last blog. They are quite the travelers this group! Purple girl is on her way to Holland today to be with her new family. She and her sister Pink have been living in Marietta, Ga for the last month. Pink, NKA Rosebud, originally went to be a companion for Purple while she was waiting to go to Holland, but we all knew how that would go! Little White girl, NKA Brandy went to live with a family friend in Seattle. She had a very special escort there because her new mom's daughter came to get her so she could enjoy a nice lap all the way to Seattle and not have to ride in the cargo area.

So, now a group of three is residing in my kitchen, Red girl, Orange boy, and Blue boy. I keep threatening to send them down to the kennel but they are all just so damn cute and I know we would miss them, if not their morning smell!! Red is the one I have planned to keep all along and orange has been the one who has tugged at my heart strings all along, so Blue is the only one who is now actually available I guess. Only a VERY special home will be good enough for this boy as he is much loved by all here!!

Anyway, I have added a few cute pictures and promise to add more soon. I think it would be a great idea for the owners of the puppies to also add to the blog and keep it going for all involved to enjoy.